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The Heroes in an Anti-God World

The Heroes in an Anti-God World

There are quite a few charismatic "Guru"s who "educate" people that there is no Supreme Person God. This is ridiculous. It's obvious that God is not a matter of direct perception for almost all in this world. So what additional "education" is there in the "information" that there is no God?

Real positive information is about the Supreme Person God and real education is about the process for perceiving Him - indirectly at first, and directly and eternally eventually.

It needs a certain amount, not just some amount, of humility and lack of self-centeredness to appreciate that there is a Supreme Person God. As soon as one accepts God, the whole focus shifts squarely on Him - His likes and dislikes, His orders, His pastimes, His beauty, His words, and so on. This is impossible for egoists to take; they suffocate if they themselves - their desires, their philosophy, their likes and dislikes, and so on - are not the focus of their consciousness. They are full of themselves; even their kind acts are expressions of their self-righteousness, not a duty towards God.

Such godless people love to hear other godless people speak about sophisticated philosophical ideological social economic and so on ways of godlessness in attractive language. Such Gurus are popular precisely because they don't talk of God or they talk against God.

But what is the use of it all? Discourses are not needed to convince us that there is no God; this conviction is more or less the de facto in this world. Such discourses only act to kill whatever little interest remains in our heart for God. Is that a sign of positive education and progress in knowledge?

The world will never be rid of atheists. And yet there are those few who embrace the deep philosophical, practical, uplifting, enlightening, and liberating wisdom about God. They lead their lives according to scientific logical spiritual practices. We must congratulate and salute those who dedicate their lives to God despite living in a hostile anti-God world.

Authentic Sprituality vs. Scholarly Presentation: The Truth can be Unpopular

Authentic spirituality, and especially pure devotional service to God, is not about gathering information from scriptures (authentic or dubious), interpreting it in different ways independently, and presenting the various interpretations in an entertaining or scholarly way. This is what many popular personalities in society do. They speak publicly, write books, and so on. Ignorant fools, no matter how academically educated they are, get impressed by such people.

On the contrary, authentic spirituality is about applying unchanging timeless specific principles that are clearly presented in authentic time tested scriptures; principles that are demonstrated time and again by the pure devotees of God in different circumstances of life. These same specific principles are taught carefully and with precision by pure devotees of God as a service to God and compassion for all. They don't feel the need to present something different in order to be popular amongst ignorant fools. Instead they forcefully present the Truth, sometimes going against populist notions, to enlighten ignorant people about their true benefit.

God is the unconditional G.O.A.T.

God is the unconditional G.O.A.T.

In sports, there is always a debate about who is the G.O.A.T. - greatest of all time. The debate is based on statistics and arguments and counter arguments about the statistics citing the context in which the statistics were achieved by the players. The whole discussion is understood to be relative and subjective.

But a similar approach cannot be used to determine whether God is the G.O.A.T. or not. God is unconditionally the greatest. Everything, absolutely everything, happens by his sanction. There is no authority or power beyond him. Things don't happen to him, he orchestrates them all.

Thus, analyzing Krishna to determine, quantify, and qualify his greatness is an exercise born out of gross ignorance and stupidity. One should instead understand how his unconditional supremacy in all spheres is manifested in all his activities - whether they appear mystical and magnificent or mundane and ordinary.

Krishna's eternal supremacy and his activities like appearance in this world, disappearance from this world, and pastimes wihin this world, are not subject to any interpretations by anyone. The intelligence for such interpretations also comes from Krishna. Everything about Krishna is perfect and complete. We cannot understand this by arguments arising out of our pretty materialistic conceptions. We need to first understand fundamentals of spiriuality as the first step; understanding Krishna is the pinnacle of spiriuality, not a tea time discussion amongst spiritual illiterates.

Krishna is the unconditional G.O.A.T.

The Not-Quite-Guru -- Who doesn't point to Krishna

The Vedic scriptures enjoin that one who has firm faith in both Krishna and Guru (spiritual master), to him all the meaning and purpose of the scriptures become clear. Obviously the Guru here refers to one who talks only about Krishna and how to take shelter of Krishna. 

Unfortunately in India people accept so many men as Guru. But many of these Gurus accept all the adulation for themselves without at all directing their followers to Krishna. In other words they want to take the place of Krishna. This is cheating, because without taking exclusive shelter of Krishna, one cannot attain the goal of human life - stopping the cycle of birth and death and going back to the Kingdom of Krishna. A Guru is good only to the extent he emphasizes in his words and actions taking to pure uninterrupted unmotivated devotional service to Krishna.

In one sense this is unfortunate because it causes many people to fall into the trap of choosing a kindhearted man who does not talk about Krishna as their Guru. From another angle, this phenomenon also helps one clearly identify those who might be spiritual externally, but are actually still materialistic in their outlook to life and in their goals in life. One can identify the nature of a person from whom or what he admires. If one is not training oneself towards exclusive devotion to Krishna, he has not yet internalized the essence of the Vedic scriptures.

The Bandwagon of Molten Gold

Hare Krishna! Here's something about the name of this site: The Bandwagon of Molten Gold. According to an entry in, "bandwagon" means "a usually large and ornately decorated wagon for carrying a musical band while it is playing...". Another meaning given is "a movement that by its mass appeal or strength readily attracts many followers". So, I thought that Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON is definitely a huge bandwagon that carries the "brihad mridangam" (huge mridangam) that produces the holiest sound vibrations of the teachings of the Gaudiya Vaishnav Sampradaya in the form of Srila Prabhupada's words! And surely, it is attracting, and will continue to attract unlimited followers who will take the Holy name of Gauranga to every town and village on earth by simply "Chanting! Dancing! and Feasting!" And ofcourse, the molten gold part comes from the complexion of Lord Shri GaurSundar!

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