Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Prayer to Mother Ganges

Photo Courtesy: Avatari Chaitanya Dasa

A Prayer to Mother Ganges

Oh, enigmatic one,

Non-different from the Lord,
Even the breeze that you touch,
Purifies one and all.

Oh, dear Mother,

Your touch soft and silken,
Gushing love of your waters,
Comforts your hapless children.

Oh, Goddess Ganga,

Worshippable for every soul,
Accept the lamps of our hearts,
Pray take us to Krishna's abode.


Spirituality without God is a waste of time

Spirituality without God is popular today. It's a waste of time. Without accepting God as the one Supreme Person, nothing else has any intrinsic meaning. Everything else, no matter whether so-called material or so-called spiritual, is all material because it's all relative truth. An unbiased thoughtful person will definitely come to the conclusion that the Absolute Truth must be the one Supreme Person who is the ultimate source and controller of all that exists. Spirituality is about reviving one's own and helping others revive their eternal, evermore blissful, loving, reciprocal relationship with him.

The Grudge

We all know people who are very intelligent otherwise but who act unreasonably when it comes to certain people whom they have a sour relationship with. For example, we know people who are friendly, helping, charitable, jolly at work but who are grumpy at home with their spouse. Or we know people who are very kind to most, but wont even look at certain individuals. Or we know people who are always appreciating even the little good in others, but always bad mouthing certain individuals who might have loads of great qualities. Thus, we see that reasonableness and logic don't work if they are overridden by the force of grudges.
What's more, since these people are reasonable and nice otherwise, an unsuspecting person might believe in their negative views about the targets of their vice.
And the same is true about atheists; they have a grudge against God and it's history might not be traceable back to it's origin. But the grudge is evident in the way they reason about God's existence or non-existence. Often they jump to conclusions that are not founded on sound logical steps. Often they are bullish about the notion that since something is not perceivable to them, it does not exist. Often they are disrespectful to the subject matter, and condescending and insensitive to it's proponents. They would not behave like this in other situations, but only when it comes to God.
Stay away, lest you get infected.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The End of the Service Culture

Most cultures have a system of service hierarchies. For example, children should serve parents, students should serve teachers, citizens should serve the king, the protected should serve the protector, less educated should serve the more educated, employees should serve the supervisor, maids should serve the house owner, team mates should serve the captain, and of course, the general public should serve the priests, and everyone should serve God. The idea is quite ubiquitous.

In this system of service, everyone found themselves playing all three roles for a large part of their lives, if not always – of a junior, an equal, a superior. For example, at home, a typical family man was a son, a brother, and a father. At the workplace, you might report to someone, have equals, and supervise someone else. Even the head of state used to report to saintly priests, had other heads of states as friends, and ruled over his citizens. The beauty of this system was that everyone was aware of and very particular about their duties in all three roles. It was a system of duties, and not of rights.

However, as the modern civilization becomes more and more self-centered, lazy, and liberal, with the focus on just doing only whatever you wish to do, this system of service is crumbling. This system is founded on the exemplary behavior of the superiors. Those who were traditionally considered superior, no longer set high standards of behavior and sincerity. Influenced by the times, they have become too lazy, physically and mentally, to do the required hard work. “Why should I take the trouble just because I am senior? I should be allowed to do what I like to do.” In other words, “Why should I take my duty seriously? What about my rights?” Thus they are failing in their duties as seniors. As soon as this happens, the system crashes. If those we are supposed to look up to are corrupt, in the broadest sense of the word, then why should we take the trouble to execute our duties seriously?

As soon as the duty element goes away, the ego takes complete control. Then the only reason we do anything is because “it makes me feel good”. And that’s the end of the service culture which is defined by “whatever makes you feel good, because since you are superior, your pleasure is more important than mine.” 

The Bandwagon of Molten Gold

Hare Krishna! Here's something about the name of this site: The Bandwagon of Molten Gold. According to an entry in, "bandwagon" means "a usually large and ornately decorated wagon for carrying a musical band while it is playing...". Another meaning given is "a movement that by its mass appeal or strength readily attracts many followers". So, I thought that Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON is definitely a huge bandwagon that carries the "brihad mridangam" (huge mridangam) that produces the holiest sound vibrations of the teachings of the Gaudiya Vaishnav Sampradaya in the form of Srila Prabhupada's words! And surely, it is attracting, and will continue to attract unlimited followers who will take the Holy name of Gauranga to every town and village on earth by simply "Chanting! Dancing! and Feasting!" And ofcourse, the molten gold part comes from the complexion of Lord Shri GaurSundar!

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